I’m Still Here (2010)

Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck,  Puff Daddy (yes, that is his name)

Score: 6.5/10 (Reviewer: Benjamin Graham)

Joaquin Pheonix’s tale of his supposed rise from the ashes does little to deceive and everything to condescend.

The proliferation of his scheme is truly remarkable, with every inch of the media ablaze with speculation as to whether he was the next celebrity to hit the skids.

Stiller – brother, helped.

Missing blues brother, Methy Blues.

Strangely enough, it becomes rather apparent that Joaqim slurs his lyrics deliberately as his rapping is awfully close to decent for the modern age. If he actually put his heart into the music one has to wonder whether he could have actually pulled this conversion to rap off. I honestly think he just might have.

A work of ego, ‘I’m Still There’ feels like an attempt by Joquin to show the true extent of his acting prowess – by appropriating the tactics of classic prankster Andy Kaufman; but the entire shebang is ultimately undone by fear.

The problem became that internal sources within his camp often tipped the media off as to the facetious nature of the endeavor; no doubt at Pheonix’s request, to protect his reputation and acting career, so he might be a Sasha Barron-Cohen and not a Mel Gibson. The greatest acting within the project was his public and media apperances, many of which are shown in the movie, but the constant reminder that this was all a joke delivered the punline well before the movie even began rolling. Things were not helped when Joquin come out officially a few days after the movie launched to assure everyone he wasn’t the industries’ biggest douchebag.

It’s sad to think how good of a rouse this could have been if the well known actor had the cojones to maintain the facade. All the same, it is possibly very likely that best performance Joquin Pheonix will ever perform was his brief but widely publicised apparance on The David Letterman Show, in this far gone character.

If nothing else, ‘I’m Still here’ is an interesting movie which will managed to maintain your interest enough to keep you watching for a single viewing. It is more of an accompanying document to a celebrity media rather than a valuable work in it’s own right; it’s not likely to be brought up in film schools an example, except for the purposes of a cautionary tale in what not do.


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