How we rate movies

All movies are rated on a scale from 1-10, with articulation of .0-.9 for each number, effectively making 100 potential scores.

The star system has been used by many in the film review arena, but we feel it simply does not allow enough flexibility in discerning and differentiating works. The way we do it, you’ll be able to look at other films with the same score and know we felt those films were equal and on par with one another. With the star system, the maximum articulation is 5 potential scores (or 10 if halves are being used), with 100 you’ll know exactly where the quality divide falls.

The overall goal is to amass a database of reviews which will clearly set out the rankings of the films, avoiding confusion as to which is the better ranked film.

Subjectivity is always going to be at work; we feel the best score is achieved not by rigerous use of criteria but from a sense of gut feeling. The value of a film isn’t something that can be mathimatically quantified in one unified theory – at least we haven’t run across a system which could fill this need adequately.







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